v5.23beta in the Play Store:

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v5.23beta in the Play Store:
►Major Russian language update thanks to Евгений Мемедейкин 
►Intro slider for widget users: you can test it if you click on the app icon at the top of the drawer [please see screenshot]
►Small internal changes in the license system, please let me know immediately if you see any hiccups in the Premium status checks

I can see a few of you download these beta updates, but I seldom hear about your experiences. If those experiences are positive, it’s okay not to respond, but please be sure to tell me if something breaks. Especially if old features get broken.

In the last release (v5.15) the new Wear Contacts page crashed for anyone who didn’t have Tasker installed. I would have hoped this came out in the beta test. Is it possible that all 600 of us here have Tasker on our phones???

Thank you for your participation, I need your feedback very much!

Author: greg

the dev