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Yet another launcher which reports the widget sizes incorrectly…
But Launcher Compatibility Mode is at our help: the bubbles look perfect with this enabled!

Note: I looked around this launcher a bit, and I found one more interesting setting:
►Long press the backround
►Go to “Preferences”
►Click “Home edit”
At the bottom of the screen you will see “Margin”
►this gives you 2 controls similar to the XPad / YPad in Bubble Clouds
→ It is possible to fix the appearance of a widget by adjusting these two margin values too, without the need of LCM. But it still needs to be done to each and every widget, and I found that it needs to be redone after resizing the widgets.
…Too bad they don’t offer a way to set this margin globally somehow.

I guess it just leaves us better off with LCM with the added benefit of Bubble opening animations!

Author: greg

the dev