v4.31 In the Play Store

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v4.31 In the Play Store
More under the hood changes
►hide peek card shadow in ambient mode when peek card disappears
►Material styling, colors and highlights effects all around

The material overhaul is a foundational change, which affects every part of the app, this is why I kept putting it off. Please test the app and if you experience force-closes, please send me a REPORT in every case.

You should see Lollipop style dialog boxes and controls in 80% of the app  (when the app is run on 5.x+ device). I only kept the Holo style where it absolutely made more sense.  90% of touch targets now should have ripple highlight effect assigned to them. Controls got more consistent coloring and 90% of them have also been changed to the Lollipop / Marshmallow versions.

I included two screenshot pairs for comparison.

Author: greg

the dev