v4.37beta soon available from the Play Store

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v4.37beta soon available from the Play Store
You will need v4.37 for all to work correctly as shown in the video

WEAR Cloud Editor:
►always show color picker if more than 1 bubble is selected
►Tasker bubbles were not added to the layout designer unless you changed their status or size
►Linked youtube tutorial below to the Tasker dialog + Cloud config card + empty tasker row in Cloud Editor

I made this video as a response to the suggestion by Shahid Naseem It turned out to be a pretty good test project, which highlighted a few breaking points in the Wear Cloud Editor, which are all patched up now.

Using this method, you can create the music control, though I guess you’d only need the “Play” button, the rest appears as notifications as soon as the music starts to play.

I hope this short instructional gives you a jump start with Tasker for limitless control using Bubble Clouds.

BTW, I hope you noticed, I also extended the bump mode to keep bubbles inside the circle 🙂 [v4.36]

Author: greg

the dev