4.36beta soon available from the Play Store

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4.36beta soon available from the Play Store
►start main app after purchase (not the dialog)
►WIDGET: remind user they have to double tap on the cloud if pencil was just hidden
►gray ambient-translucent option in settings when ambient peek cards are disabled
►bump/push mode keep bubbles inside circle (per user request)
►brightness control off in settings → refresh view
►enable lock bubble in app-drawer mode too (no autolock / long-press yellow)
►significantly reduced watch-face battery use (in non-overdraw mode)
►fixed backgroud redrawing problems in non-overdraw mode (when blank screen and only clock was displayed sometimes)
►flash light bubble image in Layout Designer
►fixed ambient background color by minute of the hour (only the active screen was updating) Note: enabling this feature slightly increases battery use
►overdraw watchface = disabled by default [if all goes well will eventually remove option]

Keep Overdraw watchface OFF to benefit from the new, most battery optimised watch face update routines.

Author: greg

the dev