v4.42beta soon available from the Play Store

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v4.42beta soon available from the Play Store
Mostly bugfix with the addition of Layers:
►Fixed: if clock bubble is not the first, some bubbles didn’t get displayed in ambient screen if the ambient mode is set to look different
►blank widget issue (after reboot / update) less “Force redraw” 
►Change bubble layer order by changing the bubble sizes in custom watch-face layouts: the bigger the size value the closer the bubble is to the top
►Changed behavior: “Clock only” ambient mode displays clock bubble + any bubbles which are “on top of it” (others are marked with pink colors in the cloud editor list)
►Layout Designer layers help dialog
►Fixed main settings app occasional lock-ups (after updates)
►pushed bubbles also blocked by the edge of the circular screen in Layout Designer “Push Mode”
►change size of multiple selected bubbles in the Layout Designer
►offer swap tool after pasting layout
►fixed trimmed/hidden dialog buttons: particularly the “OK” button in color dialogs will again be visible (even in Spanish and Dutch)

There is a chance that these changes will mess up your custom layout the first time it’s loaded into the Designer, but you can easily fix it using the Swap tool

Author: greg

the dev