v4.48beta submitted to the Play Store

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v4.48beta submitted to the Play Store
I have spent several days now developing the stand-up reminder. I am considering to turn this into an extra feature, not included in the basic app – see my notes below
►As you can see on the screenshot, this time it gained a nice activity chart, and much smarter inner intelligence
►I also moved the “stand-up reminder” checkbox to the main “Android Wear” card, where it makes more sense than under Wear App Launcher
►New shortcut (and hint) icons were added to the other 3 wear-related cards. Pressing these will take you to: cloud editor, clock bubble config, wear contact setup. They turn into youtube icons when the card is opened

Here’s the deal:
►I feel “Stand-up reminder” is not strictly a mini launcher function
►It makes sense to include it with step counting, because then this function doesn’t use extra battery
►The app is completely usable without this function
►It required so much extra work
►I think the end product will be the best activity reminder created for Android Wear
So hopefully users will not be angry if they have to shell out an extra buck ($1) for this feature. The functionality will not be built into the main app, you will have to install a small Plug-in app, which will not have an icon of its own, its user interface and functionality will show up inside Bubble Cloud Widgets.

I am curious of your opinions about such a move

Author: greg

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