v4.70beta in the Play Store

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v4.70beta in the Play Store
►”Also dim ambient face at low brightness” option see below
►new animation tweaked to remove flicker
►updated the translations

I noticed I was setting these two at the same time, so there is now an option: 

The brightness bar allows you to set the display darker than the system “1” setting. If you set it to “1” or lower (on the Huawei watch it’s about half way on the seekbar!) the ambient watchface will also be automatically dimmed.

On the HW I tried to match these two: the ambient screen now appears to have the same brightness as the regular display.

The lowest setting makes both of these barely visible: they are ideal for complete darkness. If you find yourself “locked out” of your watch, just triple-press the hardware button for the standard “Brightness boost”.

Author: greg

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