v4.73 → Another [mainly] “Wear” update

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v4.73 → Another [mainly] “Wear” update
►more fluid “spinning” animation → see details below
►new option: dim watch-face ambient screen at lower screen brightness
►screen brightness settings for day and night → details below
►quicker cloud redraws on watch
►free version will only prompt to upgrade once every 1-2 days
►step counter improvements: please update Wear Stand-up Alert to v1.12 also

►video: https://youtu.be/v98N9C8zm9M
►better eye candy
►performance improvement
►only the bubble is animated not the whole screen
►new feature: tap the spinning bubble to hide it if you feel the app has loaded in the background. Bubble Cloud atempts to show the animation only as long as your app is loading, but non-full-screen apps can fool us
►tested on Huawei Watch and Moto 360 (1st gen)
►if the animation feels choppy on your particular device, please disable it in the settings

►use the brightness bar in the bubble clouds to adjust screen brightness
►your setting will be saved as “day” or “night” preference
►your preferences are restored at sunset and sunrise (based on your location and time of year)

Update – new in v6.70:
Auto dimming watchface at same time each night. See https://plus.google.com/111815032990260235809/posts/YV9PJ3xP2P4

★★★★★ PLEASE HELP ★★★★★
If you find these additions valuable and like the app Bubble Clouds, please consider dropping a 5-star review: it means more to me than you can imagine. Regard it a character flaw, but my motivation lives and dies by these ratings. A few high ratings fuel my ambition for days to add new features, and there were weeks I couldn’t touch the source code after a tsunami of low ratings.

Big thank you to all who chimed in!

Author: greg

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