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►background image for Wear clouds!!!
►won’t dim below 50% on Low-bit-ambient watches
►removed button for Wear Cloud Editor: use navigation entry
►updated German
►reduced the size of the upgrade reminder bubble in the home screen widgets, for users running the free version (as one of the users put it: it was annoying, and I can’t force him pay for the app, but he can rate the app low 🙂

1 Removed the “Wear Cloud Editor” button (according to plan) since it was added to the navigation bar earlier.
2 Tap the icons below the background boxes to pick either color or background image, favorites and archive separately
Favorites background image: you are prompted to crop an image to the size of the watch screen
Archive background image: archive clouds expand horizontally, so the image you picked is resized to the height of the screen.
Wear icon packs: this is a much more complex issue, which I will continue to work on after the holidays

Please experiment and keep us updated!

Author: greg

the dev