v4.97beta submitted to the play store

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v4.97beta submitted to the play store
â–ºIcon pack support on Android Wear!!!


This makes Bubble Cloud Launcher the first and only mini launcher on Android Wear which lets you use standard icon packs on your smartwatch 🙂

There is a catch though. Standard icon packs don’t normally contain icons for wear micro apps.

Bubble Cloud Launcher offers two solutions:
â–ºmost icon packs come with graphical elements (backgrounds and masks) to theme any icon. Bubble Cloud Launcher can use these
â–ºon top of this, you may assign any icon from the pack to any app on your watch
â–ºmore over, these assignments will be stored, and when you switch icon packs, the corresponding app icons will be used from the new icon pack

I am planning to shoot a tutorial video tomorrow. I hope you figure it out. If not, ask here.

And enjoy the new teaser video, this time I included the Vintage pack tested on my old Moto 360 (that watch is snappier than the Hwatch!)

The new Moto 360 part starts at 1:38

Author: greg

the dev