v5.19beta in the Play Store:

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v5.19beta in the Play Store:
►World-time bubbles!
►Twilight bubble: shows time of sunrise/sunset
►Updated languages: Portuguese, Russian

Please test the new LiveInfo bubbles: the world-time bubbles might cause a slight reduction in battery life, because they prevent partial screen redraws. Normally only the clock bubble is re-drawn every minute, but since these display the minutes too, the whole screen needs to be drawn every minute.

The difference should be minimal. Especially because I managed to optimize my code further.

This only in watch-face mode or when the app drawer is open. When the world-time bubbles are not on screen the battery life should be as good or better than before.

BTW: Do you need more than 3 world-time bubbles?

A few more changes are planned for the next release:
►complete update of the Russian translation [thanks to Евгений Мемедейкин]
►few more smart-auto arrange options
►optional paginated app drawer
►improved first-time experience for widget users

Author: greg

the dev