v6.25beta → Play (quick fix)

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v6.25beta → Play (quick fix)
► tomorrow’s weather bubble will not update until it receives a valid response from openweathermap.org
► fixed crash introduced in v6.22beta when trying to open Wear Contacts on phone (thank you for reporting the crash – “Nexus 6 user” 😉
► workaround for an openweathermap bug where low/high temperatures fail to download if set to Fahrenheit
► maintain daily low/high temperatures even if user switches between C/F
►spaces were not handled correctly if weather set to other city
►city/country name updated to official spelling on successful lookup, check 2nd weather bubble dialog

This update became pretty urgent because of the prolonged problem with the openweathermap service. I plan to release the update tomorrow. Please test 6.25beta

Author: greg

the dev