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v6.27beta → Play
This update contains changes for first time users. I post it here first to make sure I did not break anything for existing users:
►themed background selections did not get highlighted in list
►Improved first time experience with the app on watch:
~increased default margin
~increased default bubble gap
~fewer bubbles in favorites cloud by default
+digital clock color changed to white text on default theme
background color → the first time a theme is applied

I periodically check how the app looks and feels the very first time somebody installs it. I found it had way too many bubbles in the favorites cloud initially for a Split or Circular layout to work / look good. Also, if a first time user installed a Theme Pack, the time was very hard to read with the default settings.

I also added a bunch of Wear icon ↔ Standard icon assignments to make applying icon packs on the watch a better first experience. 30 built in apps should now get assigned to corresponding phone app icons without the need of manual setting.

I hope this will make the initial contact with the app more user friendly.

Author: greg

the dev