v8.06 → Production candidate

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v8.06 → Production candidate
► Theater mode icon update: the old icon [shown in 2nd screenshot] was too similar to the Sunlight and Tasker symbols
► Button press toasts also show Tasker function correctly (earlier version shown Android app icon for Tasker too)

With this small change I am planning to roll-out the new version to production within a day or two. Please report any problems you find.

What makes the production update necessary is the way Google is changing the distribution of Android Wear 1.x applications. Instead of the embedded model they are switching to standalone APKs in the Play Store for Android Wear 1.x too. This make no difference to users, but we developers are now required to publish 3 variants of our apps:
► Phone app (with embedded Wear 1.x APK)
► Wear 2.0 APK
► Wear 1.X APK
I would not publish an update so soon after the last, but this change makes it necessary.

Author: greg

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