v8.25beta → Play

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v8.25beta → Play
► App restore assistant: when watch settings are restored, app on the watch will now prompt to install missing apps (in settings on the watch)
► Warn if media volume is muted when enabling tick sound
► Fix a rare crash on the watch

This top menu item appears only after you restore a backup and there are missing apps. This should help restore your Android Wear 2.0 apps after a factory reset, or when moving from one watch to another. After tapping the menu command the Play Store page for missing apps will appear one after the other. Your options:
► Install app
► Swipe to exit to see next app (each app is displayed only once)
► The list is cleared (the menu item disappears) after you open Wear Cloud Editor on your phone. To see the prompt again you will have to restore a backup on your phone again.

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