v8.27 → Play

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v8.27 → Play
► Selective apply screen now has a preview area and hue/saturation control
► Apply all theme settings is off → clicking the theme will also take you to the selective apply screen
► Bug fix: “no ambient circles” setting caused ambient clock bubble to use active background color (introduced in v7.64!)

► Press and hold theme icon if Apply all theme settings is ON
► Or simple tap theme icon if Apply all theme settings is OFF
…you get to the Selective apply screen:
► Mark which pieces of the theme you want to use
► The rest of the clock bubble will stay as it was
► Adjust the hue/saturation/luminance for the added pieces
► Preview every change in the new preview areas
► Apply (send to watch) when you like what you see

► Black, white and gray parts are not affected by the hue/saturation control
► All colors are shifted around the rainbow
► Hue: color or tint
► Saturation: the amount of color. Set it to “0” for grayscale
► Luminance: brightness or lightness
The center is the default position for all settings: tap the button to reset

Analog themes with colored hands and dials profit most from the color tweaking:
► Pack 8: will include 8 tweakable analog themes [soon]
► Pack 7: set each hand to any color in 5 themes
► Pack 4: 4 of the 10 analog themes can be tweaked
► Pack 3: 3 cartoon themes (e.g. robot arms)
► Pack 6: you can now change Santa’s clothes to any color
► Pack 1: only the classic analog theme – minute hand
► Pack 5: only halloween pumpkin theme’s dial
► Pack 2: no analog themes

Author: greg

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