v8.61beta → Play

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v8.61beta → Play
► POST request for HTTP bubbles (specify header to reveal data field!)

► Crash in Wear Cloud Editor
► Crash in watch-face initialization
► Removed a lot of unused debugging code → smaller APK
► Autopopulate caused ANR on phone
► Watchface battery update adjust to timetick
► 24hr world time LiveInfo not updated when app drawer hidden
► Workaround for Nullpointer crash on getAssets (Google’s framework fault, when APK is being replaced on Android 5.1 or older)

The little example below shows you how to use HTTP bubbles to toggle TP-Link HS100 smart plugs ON/OFF based on this documentation: http://itnerd.space/2017/01/22/how-to-control-your-tp-link-hs100-smartplug-from-internet/
(and don’t try to prank me, I changed the access TOKEN in the screenshot 😉 )

Author: greg

the dev