v8.63beta → Play

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v8.63beta → Play
► Weather retrieval log added to Weather bubble config dialog
► Handle missing Phone permission on the watch more gracefully
► Fixed a crash on the watch after voice recognition
► Fixed a crash while opening the widget configuration screen

v8.63/beta2 → Play
► Weather bubble now works well with Arabic language!
► Thank you abdelrahman for reporting and all your help!

If you have problems with the weather bubble:
1. Open Bubble Clouds and go to the Wear Cloud Editor
2. Tap on the Weather bubble
3. Tap on “Celsius” (or “Fahrenheit”) to re-fetch weather
4. Tap on the Weather Bubble again
5. Scroll down to make sure the complete log is visible
6. Take a screenshot of the log
With this log I will be able to tell what is preventing the app from updating the weather information.

Author: greg

the dev