v8.74beta → Play!!!

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v8.74beta → Play!!!
► BIG: new folder bubbles on watch (they open in new screen)
► Folder complications for other watch faces
► Bubble weights are no longer negative for archive (I separated bubble weights and cloud location)

Wear Cloud Editor: (on phone)
► Opens even if connection to watch is delayed
► Create new folders using new FAB (see screenshot)
► Cloud picker pop up (see long-press trick below)
► Create folders from cloud picker popup

Bubble Edit Screen: (on watch)
► Opens much quicker
► Improved layout (cloud/weight position)
► More logical way to pick cloud (favorites/archive/hidden/folder)
► Create folders and move bubbles into them

Bug fixes and improvements:
► App now handles Android Oreo adaptive icons correctly
► Changed icon for Bubble Cloud Settings on the watch
(hopefully making it less confusing to first time users)
► Timer did not show if assigned to hardware button [+Mr.Lordi96]
► Full screen clock → “Full clock only” [+Adam Varney]
► App drawer opens quicker
► Special bubbles stay in one group even when sorted
► Stringset modification issue, which affected many parts
► Grid smart-layout alphabetical sorting issue fixed
► Watch face complication font issues
► Added a page to the intro slider on the watch “Let’s talk”
► Tasker plugin cloud/weight setting updated
► Tasker bubble smarter cloud update on watch

Home screen widget improvements:
► Folder name can now be changed in folder bubble edit dialog
► Press ⊕ in folder bubble edit dialog to open folder’s config

Improvements to the Wear Cloud Editor:
► Color bubble did not show around icons in the list
► Fixed some strange bubble image edit behaviours
► Complications bubbles marked with ⊕ symbol
► Back button turns off Layout Designer and filters
► Changing size for multiple selected bubbles crashed
► Improved the look of themed complication bubbles
► Fixed glitches when restoring wear backup

Hidden tricks:
► Long press folder bubble in bubble edit screen on watch to quickly get to folder layouts, colors
► Long press cloud marker in wear cloud editor to move bubble into the same cloud as the previously moved bubble (or newly created folder)
► Tap top icon in cloud layout configuration screen on watch to go back to previous screen (folder bubble editor or main settings)
► Enable auto-sticky mode for folder to keep it on screen (bring it to the foreground when the screen wakes)
► If you assign an icon from icon pack to watch folder, applying a new icon pack will assign the same icon from the new pack

There is a lot here. I hope it’s worth the waiting. I worked close to 200 hours on this in the last 2 weeks (slept very little).

I couldn’t release it until every puzzle piece fell into place. It is feature complete now, but barely tested. Many parts of the app are affected: please report any unexpected behaviour! I plan quick bugfix updates in the next days.

Ask if something is not clear!

Author: greg

the dev