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► Fixed a folder related crash on the watch: responsible for 260 crashes (and counting) on one persistent user’s device
► More graceful handling of revoked permissions in the phone app (preparation for runtime permissions)
► Fixed crash in Wear Cloud Editor when the layout designer is open
► Contact widget “call” option did not work in widget only app (resulted in SMS)
► When bubble moved into newly created folder, the folder will appear in the cloud where the bubble used to be

Incremental update, mainly to fix the serial-crash for the one user. I keep working on runtime permissions, test every possible scenario before activating it, since there is no way back once we update past API 23 (the watch app already has runtime permissions, but because of Android Wear 1.5 compatibility I had to retain a lower API. Google will not allow apps below API 25 from August, so I have to start experimenting. Most likely the Android Wear 1.5 version of the app will stop getting updates at that time)

Author: greg

the dev