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Wow, there is a new long-text complication under “General” in the upcoming Android Wear update (v2.9.0.185). This got me to act:

I’ve long been thinking about adding a card type complication to Bubble Clouds for long text type complications (Bubble Cloud doesn’t support long-text complications currently).

Now I actually added the card complication! It’s still very rudimentary, needs much polishing, but here is what I plan:
► these cards will show up at the bottom of the screen
► swipe down to push them off screen (like in AW 1.5)
► swipe up to reveal them again (like in AW 1.5)
► they automatically reappear when the provider updates them
► tap them to open their linked app
► press and hold to configure color/remove (similar to bubbles)
► add multiple card providers: horizontal swipe for next

Still a lot of things to figure out, I just wanted to share the news!



Author: greg

the dev