v8.88beta → Play

v8.88beta → Play
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v8.88beta → Play
► Card text slightly bigger but thinner in ambient (burn in safer)
► Peek card animation 20% faster
► Removed label “No card if text contains” from Bubble Edit screen
► Fixed occasional blank peek card issue (I hope!)
► Added translations for new options
► Show instructions on how to edit bubbles the first times a bubble with Live Info is tapped (in response to critical reviews by new users not understanding Live Info)

THEME PACK #8 v2.10 → Play
I punched a hole in the center of most ambient hands to prevent burn-in (see ambient screenshot). This is a typical problem with analog watch faces, the center of the screen is always lit and hence prone to burn in. If you use hands from Pack #8, please apply the ambient hands again (the rest is unchanged).

Fine tuning… as you can probably tell, we are getting near to production release

Author: greg

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