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v8.99beta → Play
► Added new video: https://youtu.be/3s8iTfeNFoA?t=3m16s
(new part about recoloring on the watch starts at 3:16)
► Bubble remove hint was showing up when watch face had fewer bubbles (hidden / folder bubbles were also counted)
► Date/complication bubble layout issue if no digital clock bubble
► Improved archive preview in color tinting dialog on the phone: doubled the width and transparent areas now show the favorite background color (not the archive color!)
► Fixed a crash during bubble animation on watch
► Fixed a crash in settings on the watch while requesting permission to handle watch face complications
► Fixed rare folder crash on watch
► Renamed theme component “center” → “extra” (since it may also control corner images)

As you can see this is mainly a service update again. I am working to switch to runtime permissions in the phone app. This will be v9.00 for both Widgets and 2-in-1 app — if all goes well.

Author: greg

the dev