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v9.00beta → Play
► Big, under-the-hood update: runtime permissions
► Resolved long standing connectivity issue between phone/watch
► Sampler Theme Pack #0 is in slot-1 when not yet installed, and always in at least slot-2 (slot-1 after use) if installed in the list of themes on the watch

Good news: I am confident the connection between phone and watch is much much more reliable now! No more need to reboot watch to connect before entering Wear Cloud Editor. I am very excited for this improvement!

Personally I’m not a fan of apps constantly asking for permissions, but Google has been pushing us, developers into the runtime permission model. I finally gave in. In my opinion it’s a hassle for the users and was a bunch of work for me. But as they say at the TSA: “security is inconvenient…”

There is no way back now, Google prevents apps to go back once we embrace the runtime model. I hope I did it as unobtrusively as possible — only requesting permissions which are necessary. Here are some of the highlights:
► Ask for coarse location access (~city) for day/night brightness on very first connection to watch
► Request permissions after creating a contact home screen widget
► Request permissions when you enter Wear Contact Cloud management
► Request permission when you set bubble action to phone call
► Request permission when filter by recent calls
► Request location permission for weather / sunset / sunrise
► Show notification if location permission is denied or location is disabled and weather / sunset / sunrise bubbles cannot be updated
► Request necessary permissions after restoring a backup with location or contact bubbles
► Show toast if action is blocked by denied permission / open app info to help set permissions
► The permissions are constantly monitored and re-requested when needed

All permissions are automatically granted if you update from previous version. It would mean a big help for me if you could test the new system by manually revoking permissions in App Info. Please report any crashes or unexpected behaviour.

I attached a bunch of examples from the app:

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