v9.18beta → Play

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v9.18beta → Play
This update is mainly for the homescreen widgets/folders on the phone
Both 2-in-1 and Widget-only apps are updated!

► Option to show actions around contact bubbles: call/text/email → select number/address → video 1:30
► Option to show toggle fields around smart home bubbles → choose which alternative(s) to send → video 0:12
► Phone default option in main settings app (expert)
► Cloud default option under Expert settings in Cloud configuration
► Option for each bubble to always or never show options, regardless of the cloud / global defaults
► User is prompted to measure the widget when bubble is clicked and widget does not have valid measurements
► New animated widget measurement help screen (with option never to show) → video 2:04

► Theme bubble image was not sent to watch after watch reset (only when restoring a backup)
► Button immediately takes you to search&replace if you have a selection in the SmartHome bubble edit screen
► Theme pack launcher icon hiding bug fixed
► Clarified “data corruption” message in Wear Cloud Editor
► Wrong cloud dimensions were used for animation in portrait orientation when launcher rotation was enabled
► Updated the voice search icon on the watch to the new Google Assistant icon

Author: greg

the dev