v9.35beta2 → Play

v9.35beta2 → Play
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v9.35beta2 → Play
► Improved reliability for complications (background, peek card disappeared after app update until one switched to a different watch face and back
► Invert rotary crown scroll direction if app drawer is set to be on the right

Could one of you with an LG Watch Sport or Style send me a short video as you scroll the app drawer using the crown? I would like to include it in the little video I plan to make on the new app capabilities.

Preferably: (but anything would do)
► if you can shoot it in good lighting conditions using your phone
► preferably landscape orientation
► 1080 or 720 resolution
► half a minute or so would be perfect
It would also help me see if the interaction speed is the way I intended it. I understand since this requires 2 hands, you might need to ask someone to hold your camera or prop it up somehow. I only plan to use the video, not any sound.

Thank you in advance!

Author: greg

the dev