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Both Widget and 2-in-1 app updated
► New: create bookmark bubbles in any cloud
► Corrected alert layout problems on smaller screen phones (some dialog buttons were not visible)
► Long press palette trick on watch (hidden feature!)

I realized a side effect of targeting OREO: Toast messages now appear below the active watch face layer (=they are now invisible) Workaround needed: this will not be easy 🙁


Long press the ? or ?️ icons under favorite/archive settings on the watch (see screenshot below) to change the background color without turning off the image background (great for setting background color behind partially transparent background textures). Earlier we had to switch back and forth:
→ tap ? to switch to color background
→ tap to exit preview
→ tap ? again to pick a color
→ tap to exit preview
→ tap ?️ to re-enable the image background
Now all you need to do is long press the palette ? icon!
(app will actually show this tip if you do it the hard way)


It has always been possible to move bookmark bubbles into any widget or folder, but the “Add bookmark” screen always created them in the Bookmark widget (which you can only have one).

I have added a destination cloud selector to the Add bookmark screen (see screenshot below), which lets you choose which cloud the new bookmark bubble is going to be added to:
► the default cloud of course is the Bookmark widget
► the app will remember the cloud you chose
► the cloud will be shown with the new bubble only if the destination is the bookmark cloud or a folder
► you can also skip the cloud display if you long press the add/update button

Author: greg

the dev