v9.37beta2 → Play

v9.37beta2 → Play
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v9.37beta2 → Play
Bug cleanup release:
► Reduced number of “reuse color” reminders (by much)
► Reduced the size of Toasts boxes
► Used to crash when using volume control while do-not-disturb mode is turned on → give warning instead of crash
► Toggle bubbles switched back to inactive mode when wrist-gestures were enabled
► Theater mode entry toasts were shown behind “veil”
► Some Oreo toast layouts were messed up
► New toggle bubbles should not be animated even if animation is enabled
► Some Toast messages lost their icons on pre-Oreo devices
► Could not edit bubbles in folders if the app drawer was disabled
► Eliminated some of the “double folders” (when you exit a folder to get into the same folder)
► When swiping away card in preview watchface the card did not exit smoothly

Author: greg

the dev