v9.37beta3 → Play

v9.37beta3 → Play
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v9.37beta3 → Play
► Major: Much improved watch face performance!!
► While working in Wear Cloud Editor watch will now show the folder when editing a bubble which is in that folder (earlier the folder was only shown when editing the folder bubble itself)

► Copy settings to the clipboard before sending email to dev and show instructions to email manually and how to paste the settings (in case email app fails to open)
► Warning for Mini Desktop Launcher – it does not allow widgets
► Fixed the icon in the header of the folder edit dialog

► Watch screen was not kept on while working in Wear Cloud Editor
► Flashlight and contact screens did not stay on long enough
► When swiping away card in Wear Cloud Editor the card did not exit smoothly
► Clock hands did not appear or seconds hand got stuck on watch after entering / returning to Wear Cloud Editor
► Wear Cloud Editor youtube/live info icon was sometimes white in list
► Wear Cloud Editor app icon spacing fixed in header (adaptive icon side effect)

Author: greg

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