v9.38beta2 → Play

v9.38beta2 → Play
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v9.38beta2 → Play
► Stop overscroll to quick swipe panel [Bas Ammerlaan]
► Hopefully fixed the mysterious Oreo Bug… we’ll see!
► Remove peek card option in Settings/Complications did not work
► Changed the wording “remove card” instead of just “delete”
► New dummy peek card for new users: makes it easier to set up peek card
► In Wear Contacts “resync with watch” now also relinks moved contacts
► Click contact picture to get back to contact cloud
► Fixed a reported crash when an app is assigned to the single long press of the HW button (not 2nd function) and the user long presses twice
► Complication access permission request moved to just before selecting the complications
► Complication access permission removal is now handled more gracefully (tap bubble/card to re-request permission)
► Complications show up quicker after they are added

Author: greg

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