Version 2.07(beta)

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Version 2.07(beta)
►app launch animation will work with compatible watchfaces (if a watchface is not compatible, the starting animation will always last 4sec, no matter how quickly the app opens in the background) →see more details below
►watch face cloud was not immediately updated when apps were installed/uninstalled
►the sticky option change was not registered → you couldn’t turn off sticky open
►only freeze favorites on watch (main freeze option on phone freezes archive cloud too on the watch)

So what are compatible watch faces?  I am currently in the talks with Facer dev Fodawim, so hopefully all your Facer creations will become compatible, but you can ask your favorite watch face dev to include the following two lines in their watchface:

in the public class Engine definition:
final private Intent bcIntent=new Intent(“dynalogix.bubblecloud.WATCHFACE_HIDDEN”);

in the onVisibilityChanged(boolean visible) callback:
if(!visible) sendBroadcast(bcIntent);

If you do, please let me know when it was updated, I would gladly list their apps in my Google+ pages.  This information is on my XDA-developers thread too, direct link to it:

Author: greg

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