Version 2.83 → uploaded to the Play Store

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Version 2.83 → uploaded to the Play Store
►custom clock bubbles: change analog graphic elements and digital colors and font sizes (with restore) → tap clock bubble in Cloud Editor!
►circle crop tool: custom bubble images (in widget)
►border width control in bubble edit dialog: circular icons can now fill the whole bubble!
►new option “Edit after add” in widget configuration menu: bubble edit dialog comes up after each bubble added
►fixed: custom bubble images now work in bookmark and contact clouds
►size limit for clock bubble on watch increased to +19
►overdraw option: slightly higher battery hit, but overcomes misaligned active / ambient watch-face clouds

For testing the clock bubble customization, refer to these sample resources: (extract them to a folder on your phone) ideal size for dials (300×300) hands (20×300)

…and there is a hidden promise in the app, see if you can spot it 🙂
if you want to test new features early, join our beta:

Author: greg

the dev