Version 3.10 →  Being rolled out in the Play Store

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Version 3.10 →  Being rolled out in the Play Store
Something great for the widget users:
►Any shapes and styles have become possible
►Each cloud may use a different icon pack
►Preview icons in the app list
►Mix different icons pack within a cloud
►Apply new icon pack to all icons in cloud
►Adjust border width + background color for each cloud
►Border width may be 0
►Background color can be all transparent (no bubble)
►Works with free / paid packs
►Works with icon pack masks

Other improvements in v3.10:
►Fixed the blank widget problem once and for all (I hope!!!)
►Performance improvements in app list scrolling
►Performance improvements in widget update
►Image based icons are now circle cropped
►Improved icon previews in bubble edit box

*Known issues
►Icon pack previews may take a long time to update in the app list
►Masks are not applied in the app list, only when added to cloud
►App may slow down if you switch icon packs too quickly: exit configuration screen, and kill Bubble Cloud in recent app list if you don’t want to wait for the update to happen

This is a big addition to the app, please reward my efforts with a ★★★★★ rating if you like it! Thank you 🙂
►Bubble Clouds in Play Store:

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