Version 4.07 is submitted to the Play Store

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Version 4.07 is submitted to the Play Store
This is yet another service release, correcting a few bugs before I start to work on integrating the new official Interactive watch face support.

Please notice you have had the chance to enjoy this interactive watch face way before Google made it possible 🙂

Change log:
►bookmark widget link sharing is compatible with more Browsers (including CM Browser – as requested by Post Apocalypse)
►bubble sizes were lost when merging deleted widget into an empty cloud (thank you Denis)
►crash after multi selection in Layout Designer (multiple reports)
►contact cloud trial enabled on watch (upgrade reminders are shown occasionally after the first 24 hours of use) – requested by Cliff Cobb 
►updated user feedback page

Native interactive watch face support is coming next. See beta soon

Author: greg

the dev