v4.08beta soon available in the Play Store

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v4.08beta soon available in the Play Store
Using now the new official interactive watch face API!!!
Can you spot what else is new?

Change log:
►yes: voice search bubble → tap it to go to voice search directly
►the watch-face interactions are more streamlined thanks to the official interactive watch-face API:
►tap the bubbles to open apps even when the clock bubble is black
►tap the black clock bubble again or swipe left to right to turn the clock bubble white again (this is when you can access the archive)
►double tap the clock bubble for instant voice search
►swipe up / down or left-to-right on the favorites cloud to turn bubble black: swipe again for the regular watch face functions (hopefully this makes it a little more intuitive to access the regular watch face features)
►app-drawer is turned on by default on watch (on the left)
►changed the intro screen to show phone for widgets: people thought they were choosing between square and round watch

Author: greg

the dev