Version 6.80 → Play Store

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Version 6.80 → Play Store
► Uniform color in hollow bubbles
► Uniform color filled bubbles (see below)
► Ambient clock outline color control is back
► Expert trick: Long press theme thumbnails to apply bg image/font/clock only (keep colors, themed bubbles, settings etc.)

► Improved update frequency of battery level
► Further optimized liveinfo bubble updates
► Date bubble improvements (change day color in uniform mode)
► Uniform color hollow bubbles also use icons from icon packs
► New option: hide min/max temperature from the weather bubble

► SERIOUS: Invisible delete button in Wear Contacts (we could not delete contacts,,, thank you +עדיאל שרעבי for the bug report!)
► Contact search in non-latin languages (thank you עדיאל שרעבי  for the bug report!)
► Tasker bubbles can now be added to selective ambient mode
► Fixed font “Bangers” (Pack #1) “1” was too similar to “7”
► User reported crash fix: if you switch away from the Android Wear screen before the watch connects
► Fixed crash when switching screens after returning from wear contacts screen

This is big!!! I am adding a “themed bubble” to every existing theme. We can set uniform text color even with filled bubbles. (see screenshots below). Instead of the standard bubbles, the app will use the bubble template designed for each theme. I included a couple of examples below how the theme-bubble matches the style of each theme. Theme Pack #1 and #4 are already updated to include the themed bubbles:

Major update to the WEAR COMPONENT GUIDE linked from the app (“More info online”) FAQ of the most common questions and problems:


Detailed change log:

As you can see, the app is being updated regularly. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

If you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5-star rating. It helps tremendously.
Thank you!

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