Version 8.60 → Play Store

Version 8.60 → Play Store
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Slow roll-out: to get it right away join the beta test:
► Change bubbles using new Tasker plugin
► New option in Wear Cloud Editor / Apply Icon pack: apply “iconupon” overlay (from the icon pack) to live info bubbles (default: on)

In the Free version you can try the Tasker plugin for 36 hours at a time (you can renew the trial any number of times!)

► much improved icon pack masking compatibility
► much improved icon picker speed and resilience
► improved opening timer and Alarm clock complications
► seekbar layout on marshmallow and newer
► small adjustments in the premium upgrade page layout
► added transparency visualizer to widget background color
► Bubble Edit dialog layout improvements and hide unused controls
► sped up cloud refresh on the watch when settings change on phone
► updated the wording for “bubble size” on the watch. Now I refer to it as “Bubble weight”, since in many layouts this value controls order or priority
► enter inactive watchface before lifting finger when swiping vertically on the active watch face (thank you Juraj Holas for the suggestion!)
► improved reliability of background tasks
► list of icon packs now sorted alphabetically
► last item in icon pack list takes you to recommended icon packs

► workaround for Timer/Alarm bubbles (system fails to notify)
► theme fonts were not always used in live info/complications
► bold character type was missing in unread count bubble
► attempt to stop interference between archive and favorite clouds
► bubbles had to be tapped twice on the inactive watch screen to open apps
► dud youtube/redraw button in settings group “widget preferences”
► vibration in the widget-only app (missing permission)
► when editing tasker bubble in widget or folder the tasker task was only saved if you also modified the image

► crash when adding phone apps to watch if “Auto Color”=off
► crash while restoring backup
► crash in phone-app picker in wear cloud editor
► concurrent database access related crash when tapping widget bubbles
► crash when selecting a navigation item in the phone app
► crash while assigning live info
► dimmed theater mode crashed without overlay permission
► crash in 1-click themes when selectively applying the font
► concurrency related crash in contact cloud on watch
► concurrency related crash in folder cloud on phone

Many thanks to testers for their great help with this release:
+Andrea Palazzo +Mkdr +MrLordi96


Detailed change log:

As you can see, ton of new things added, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

If you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5-star rating. It helps tremendously.
Thank you!

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