Version 9.27 → Play Store → “Bookmark bubble update”

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Version 9.27 → Play Store → “Bookmark bubble update”
Slow roll-out. To get it right away, join beta test:
► much improved “Add bookmark bubble” functionality:
→ standard bubble image crop,
→ adjustable/default border,
→ higher quality images
→ progress feedback
→ improved UI
→ more robust thumbnail generator
→ added video tutorial (starting at 1:21)
► show Bookmark Bubble Cloud (popup-folder) after adding/updating bookmark bubble (unless add/refresh button is long pressed)

► click sound for petal options on the phone
► click sound in folders on the phone
► keep javascript enabled when creating Bookmark Bubble thumbnail (so you can remove overlapping EU cookie notifications
► include bubble cloud symbol in the add bookmark bubble share icon (different for 2-in-1 and widgets-only)
► handle bookmark bubble border size and transparency separate from other bubbles (reduced default bookmark bubble border size)
► clicking an empty bookmark bubble cloud the first time will play the bookmark tutorial video first
► Improved re-measurement initial marker positions
► Added safety checks for measure tool to keep markers inside visible screen
► Bubble animation is off by default both in watchface and appdrawer modes
► Change default color for Play Store bubble on watch

► workaround if app cannot get contact groups
► job scheduling bug for auto-brightness control (caused a high number of jobs scheduled 3 times a day, otherwise did not have any battery impact)
► Fixed bubble animation / petal options on Samsung devices with non-standard home screen grid settings
► Always turn off ambient dimming at sunrise

To add a bookmark bubble use “Share” command in browser and select “Add bookmark bubble” option. The bookmark bubble appears in all Bookmark clouds (in every home screen bookmark-widget and bookmark-folder)

This part of the app has been long due for an update!!!

Bookmark bubbles are the oldest core of this app, before every other functionality I created this app as a Bookmark widget. That’s why the package name is “dyna.logix.bookmarkbubbles”!!! We’ve come a long way since the beginnings. Now the Bookmark Bubble core got a much needed upgrade! The video below gives you a little overview of the history of the app, before explaining how to create web-bookmark bubbles (starting from 1:21)


Detailed change log:

As you can see, ton of new things added, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

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