Version 9.31 → Play Store

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Version 9.31 → Play Store
Slow roll-out. To get it now, join beta test:
► New Round Digital Smart Auto Layout → see below
► New toggle bubbles on watch: [thanks Rute Geno]
→ Phone Bluetooth
→ Watch Bluetooth
→ Watch Wifi
→ Watch sound mute/unmute
► Password authentication for SmartHome (HTTP command) bubbles in the format http://user:pass@domain:port/folder/doc [Rute Geno]

► Added WhatsApp support (see post below)
► Theme pack bubbles are now removed from widgets on uninstall
► Theme pack bubbles are now added to autopopulated widgets on install

► option “priority for active cloud” is brought to the watch
► Long press volume icon (in quick panel) to mute watch
► Added vibration to volume/brightness icon touches
► Updated wifi, ringmode, flashlight, timer bubble images
► Changed default wifi bubble color to purple, new bluetooth bubbles are blue
► on|off petals will now be green|red even if there are other options (i.e. [on|off|dim]) but only if there is just a single toggle field in SmartHome bubble
► Hide password if no name specified for SmartHome bubble and beginning of url is shown in petal screen

► crash in Wear Cloud Editor drag’n’drop layout designer
► crash involving malformed smart home bubble HTTP command
► crash at startup when vibration is not available on watch
► Peek card text filter case sensitivity bug fixed and leading/trailing spaces disregarded
► Problem fixed with sticky openning complications
► Don’t allow Tasker plugin to hide the Tasker bubble (caused problems), create a “trash” folder instead and move unneeded Tasker bubbles there

► Better bubble arrangement for digital watch face on round watches
► 0-12 bubbles
► “Flat tire” watches handled correctly
► Round watches default to this for new users
► Digital 1-click themes default to whichever you choose
► Adjust “size variance”/”info location” to choose bubbles distribution
see screenshots below

Some of the new toggle bubbles are hidden by default. You can enable them from the Wear Cloud Editor or showing hidden bubbles on the watch.

If this option is disabled the inactive watchface will show when you tilt to wake the watch:
► easier direct access to regular watch face swipe functions such as notifications and quick settings
► requires an extra tap on the clock bubble before the non-ambient bubbles are shown or before you can swipe for the app drawer / quick swipe panel
Some users prefer this behavior over the default one. The same setting has been available since March 2016 (version v5.40) in the phone settings under the group “Watch face” (in Expert mode), but now it’s more prominent also on the watch.


Detailed change log:

As you can see, ton of new things added, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

My app is getting an increased number bad ratings lately. If you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5★ rating. It helps tremendously:
Thank you!

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