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We started to talk with Walter Francis about this on https://redd.it/7rm820 but let me bring over my plans here.

Current system:
► Weight = 0: Hidden
► Weight > 0: Favorites (1…9)
► Weight < 0: Archive (-9...-1) Folders would extend the system with more negative values: ► Weight < -9: Folder 1 (-10...-19) ► Weight < -19: Folder 2 (-20...-29) etc Now internally it will most probably be handled this way, but I plan to hide the fact that some of those numbers are negative... You can already pick favorite/archive/hidden, I will just add a fourth option "folder". And simply show the weight as a positive number. For the folder properties: We already have 3 floating action buttons: ► Tasker bubbles ► Smart Home control bubbles ► Phone app bubbles ► new: Folder bubbles When you add a folder you can set its bubble image like all the other bubble types. But in the same bubble edit dialog I could add layout and other folder properties... And as soon as you add a folder it becomes available as an option for bubble "cloud" location (see attached image - negative weights already gone). Tapping the cloud designator on the left will show a pop up window where you can select (instead of the current system cycling through the options). I am still thinking about a good implementation for the watch...

Author: greg

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