What’s new in v2.50beta? it’s a BIG update

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What’s new in v2.50beta? it’s a BIG update
►Wear Bubble Cloud Editor on your phone: change bubble sizes, colors or which cloud they belong to. You can even hide apps. →You can set colors for apps with multiple icons which look the same (such as Wear messenger)
►New “Force screen off” mode → save your watch from accidental battery drain by forcing “smart-ass” apps, who use “keep screen on” indefinitely (can be used together with sticky open)
►Assign live-info bubbles to any app (currently only the battery and date bubbles are available, but weather, world clock and many more are in the plans)
►Made the license propagation to watch more robust, hopefully no more missed upgrade statuses (sorry about those)
►Size variance control on for the watch, reduce the big difference between small and large bubbles – easier to tap the smaller ones
►New: options to freeze bubble sizes in the archive and favorites separately

HOME SCREEN WIDGET improvements:
►Widget behaviour: set launcher compatibility mode on a per-widget basis
►Widget compatibility with apps and launchers which don’t report size at all → compatibility with floating widget apps!
►various other improvements and fixes

Author: greg

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