Would you like an option…

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Would you like an option…

UPDATE: (June 5) I added the option in the new 6.14beta version! see https://goo.gl/2UEuwQ

It is already possible to
►disable the archive: just remove all bubbles
►disable the brightness bar

You can set the favorites layout to grid as well as the archive. If you set up a paginated archive, the favorites will only be an extra page…

This was suggested recently. It would take maybe a day of work for me to change the app so the favorites can be removed too. I am asking whether there is substantial demand for it.

I cannot make any promises on when and how I would do it, but I am curious of your opinion

The favorites cloud can be used as a 2nd home screen, or as a “control panel”, it does not need to look like a watch face.

Author: greg

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