8.52beta → Play

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8.52beta → Play
► Tasker plugin to change Tasker bubble color / text / location on watch and phone

► improved icon pack stability (“omponent” syntax error in Color Pixel icon pack caused crash)
► improved icon pack masking compatibility (Chiclet icon pack had inverted mask called “minusmask” / also: back images did not start at #1: img2, img3 etc)
► crash when selecting a navigation item in the phone app (illegal state at trans.commit)
► crash while assigning live info
► crash on watch when trying to invoke theater mode without necessary overlay permission
► crash in 1-click themes when selectively applying the font in a theme
► improved reliability of background tasks (Widget redraws, adding installed apps, tapping bubbles) [goAsync]
► youtube/redraw button did not receive clicks in the title row of the settings group “widget preferences”
► when editing tasker bubble in widget or folder the tasker task was only saved if you also modified the image

► Add “Change Bubble” from the Plugin group
► Every Tasker bubble associated with the selected task will be updated
► Bubbles on the watch, in homescreen widgets and folders
► Mark which property to modify:
→ Set color and transparency
→ Set label text (%Variables can be used!)
→ Set bubble location:
♦ adjust size to move bubble on watch: Archive/Hidden/Favorite
♦ pick destination cloud (widget or folder)
► Display any information accessible to Tasker
► Change appearance to provide state feedback
► Move (show/hide) bubbles based on time or other triggers

► You can have a different set of bubbles on your home screen (or watch) based on your location or time of day
► You can display information (such as battery level) in homescreen widgets
► You can create toggle bubbles for your home screens
► Limitless possibilities!

Author: greg

the dev