Ambient bubble color expert features

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Ambient bubble color expert features
When you click on the color box for the uniform ambient bubble colors, you have more control than just being able to set a color for the bubbles on the ambient screen. You can decide how your ambient bubbles will be colored:
► Original colors: Keep colors of ambient bubbles while having uniform colors in active watchface
► All battery level: set the same color for all ambient bubbles based on battery level (when the battery is 100% all your bubbles will be green, and they change to yellow then red as the battery depletes – see animation)
► All steps progress: set same color for all ambient bubbles based on your steps count (red to green as you reach your steps goal, temporarily turns blue if you’ve been sitting too long using the Stand-Up Alert plugin)
► All current weather: set uniform color of all ambient bubbles based current weather (yellow=sunny, blue=cloudy, green=rain, white=snow, red=storm, gray=fog)
► Uniform color: you can set a custom constant color

Using colors on the always-on ambient screen is a great way to get at-a-glance information.

This option is also available on the watch (under “Expert settings”) starting v7.52

Author: greg

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