Watch face ambient mode: bubble visibility and color

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Selective ambient mode

You can control which bubbles show up in ambient mode:
Screenshot_1556694628.png Screenshot_1551602305.png Screenshot_1551602307.png
Then, when you long press any bubble on the watch face to edit it, you can toggle whether it shows in your amient screen or not:

Ambient bubble colors

If you have “Uniform colors” enabled for active mode, you can also set the “ambient uniform color”, which will make all ambient bubbles the same color:
Screenshot_1551598720.png Screenshot_1556694925.png
If you see a cog icon in place of the ambient uniform palette, that means the uniform ambient color was set to follow some other parameter (like battery level or step count). In this case you can tap the cog (it takes you to expert options) and then select “Uniform color” for “Ambient bubble colors”
Screenshot_1556694925.png Screenshot_1551598840.png Screenshot_1551598859.png
Meaning of the other options here:
  • Not uniform: even though the active mode is set to uniform color, you can retain the bubble color codes in ambient mode this way
  • All battery level: ambient bubbles will change color green → red as the battery drains
  • All steps progress: ambient bubbles will change color from red → green as you complete the steps goal for the day (you can set the goal in the Wear Cloud Editor in the phone app, by tapping on the step count bubble. The default value is 10,000 steps)
  • All current weather: if you configured to have a weather live info bubble, all ambient mode bubbles will follow its color (yellow=sunny, blue=cloudy, green=rain, white=snow, red=storm, gray=fog)


New expert option “Ambient background always black” – workaround for black screen issue when returning from ambient if ambient is same as active (default=true, but not for existing users)

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