I was a guest on the Android Bytes podcast discussing Wear OS

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Android Bytes (powered by Esper) is the podcast that dives deep into the into the Android OS. https://www.esper.io

Episode #15 seeks insight on Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear. As with any other operating system Google has its hands in, there are some unique challenges that developers have had to deal with. Add to that the general malaise the software has experienced over the past several years and you could say that this ship needed to turn around. What does Wear OS 3.0 do to help with that?

I joined Sean Hoyt, an Android developer who worked on the BLOCKS and Open Watch smartwatch concepts, and the hosts Mishaal Rahman, Senior Technical Editor, and David Ruddock, Editor in Chief, of Esper.

  • 01:42 – How did Android Wear get its start? What was using it like?
  • 08:36 – What made it challenging for third-party devs to work on Android Wear/Wear OS?
  • 17:27 – What happens when you try to cram a full version of Android onto a smartwatch?
  • 24:58 – What is the app development experience for Wear OS?
  • 32:30 – What does Wear OS 3.0 bring and what does Samsung have to do with all of it?
  • 41:57 – What does the future hold for the success or failure of Wear OS?

You can listen to the episode here:


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