Automatic day/night brightness management

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Automatic day/night brightness

Bubble Cloud keeps track of your day and night setting separately:
► In the evening at sunset it will restore the brightness setting you had before sunrise
► It will do the same in the morning, restoring what you had before sunset
► The brightness control is always just half a screen away if you swipe from the Bubble Cloud watch face

System auto-brightness

► Tap the sun icon at the top to toggle between manual and auto brightness [if your watch has a light sensor]
► When auto-brightness is enabled the brightness bar disappears and the icon changes to a sun with an “A” inside

Ambient dimming

Long press the sun icon at the top to switch to the ambient screen dimming control (A):
► The icon moves to the bottom and will have a moon symbol in it
► Bubble Clouds will remember what time you dimmed your ambient watchface during the evening
► It will undim it at sunrise in the morning
► It will re-apply the same dimming at the same time next evening

High brightness mode

► Press the “Sunlight” bubble to temporarily set the screen brightness to maximum

Assign the Sunlight mode to a shortcut

► Long press or double press of the watch face
► Press or double press of a secondary button
► Long press or double long press of the main button

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