Imminent: Oppo Watch compatibilty

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Bubble Cloud is currently not compatible with the new Oppo watches.

These are the very first with rectangular screens (not round or square). I am adding this form factor to Bubble Cloud, it affects almost every part of the app:

  • Smart Auto Layouts
  • Analog and digital watch faces
  • Analog and digital 1-click themes
  • Creating / applying / sharing custom themes
  • App drawer mode
  • Bubble Cloud tiles
  • Folders
  • Settings screens
  • Peek cards
  • Text fields

I am working on a major update (v9.84) that will address all of these areas of the app. I will need a few more days for the first beta version to be released.

Thank you for your patience!

Update (9/29/2020)

The first beta of v9.84.1 was submitted to Google for approval. It should be available to beta testers very soon!

Author: greg

the dev