Custom notification badge gallery

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Standard badges

Bubble Cloud’s built-in badge generator provides much control over the appearance of notification badges:

Custom badges

The possibilities become endless by importing custom badge overlays (or overlay sets!). You can put any kind of highlight on bubbles with active notifications:

Use the option “Import custom badge image” to select a PNG file from your Gallery.

New: USA and Easter badges

(download below)

Creating your own

  • The app will tell you the recommended dimensions to match the screen resolution of your device
  • You can use any square shaped image with transparency

    or you can provide a set of badges in a single PNG file of dimensions WIDTH = n × HEIGHT, where n is the number of badge variants to include:

  • You can include a maximum of 10 variants, if there are more notifications than the number of variants, the last variant will be shown.
  • Restore the standard badge-generator options by selecting one of the shapes or pressing “Restore defaults”.

Badge gallery

The following custom indicators can be downloaded from this webpage to your device and used directly in Bubble Cloud:

  1. Click the image to open full size in your browser
  2. Long press and “Save to device”
  3. In Bubble Cloud, use the “Import custom badge image” command

Single images

Same image for 1 or more notifications

Image sets

Indicate the number of notifications

Expect this gallery to be extended regularly. If you come up with a design I would love to include it. Please send to

See also

v10.03: Notification badges on the phone


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